Sounds - Voiceover artist for hire!

Email me here: rapstertee@hotmail.com
MOON PIRATES - I did all the voices in this great little toon!  ©2010 Cyfle

THE CHAUDHRYS - I voiced the two boys, the unseen neighbour and the parrot in this comedy pilot.

PLUMBERS NIGHTMARE - I voiced all the characters in this too! ©2006 Strangetown Animation Ltd.


I like to keep in practice with my voice work by acting in online dramas and plays. It gives me a chance to explore different styles and accents. Over the years, I've played characters like BATMAN, The Flash (DC Comics superheroes), Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Rupert Giles (From Buffy) and many others. I've been vampires, robots and aliens, zombies, narrators, Brits, pirates and more. I regularly get cast by US producers to play Americans. That has to be the best assurance that my US accent is good enough!

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